Updating cisco ios 2950

testrouter# copy startup-config tftp Address or name of remote host []? [OK -- 8295106 bytes] 8295106 bytes copied in 124.571 secs (66589 bytes/sec) Now you need to make sure you are booting with the correct version of IOS image for this you need to use the following command to set.For example, if you're using a SNMP network management tool, it may require your router to run a certain version of the IOS. Now, Load the new IOS image from the TFTP onto the flash ciscorouter#copy tftp: flash: Address or name of remote host []? Follow this procedure if you want to upgrade cisco IOS NOTE :- Before doing any upgrades plesae take a complete backup of your cisco device configuration for safer side Download the Correct version of Cisco IOS for you from here Write Unsaved configurations ciscorouter# write memory Building configuration… Incorporate new features: Unless an update is simply a bug fix, every new release of the Cisco IOS includes new features. Upgrading your routers and switches in a timely manner means you'll have more features to potentially make your job easier. You can accomplish the copying of the IOS and HTML files, the extraction of those files from the file, and the placing of these files with one command.Before doing this, make sure you have a TFTP server running (such as Tftpd32.exe).

And because routers and switches are critical to network infrastructure, you should plug these security holes as soon as possible.

SE1flash: Be aware that in this case the boot command will be: boot system switch all flash:c3750-ipbasek9-mz-122-55. SE1BTW the contains the files needed by the http-server.

A few years ago, I wrote "Cisco administration 101: Upgrading routers and switches." In the article, I reviewed the basics of router and switch upgrades.

Otherwise, you shouldn't be upgrading your switch — you should be contacting your Cisco reseller to obtain IOS licenses and/or maintenance.

To find the correct IOS version, log into the Cisco Web site, go to the Switches Downloads Web page, and navigate to LAN Switches.

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