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things that make up the difference – things that are easily overlooked, but powerful when utilized properly.

Here are five subtle attributes you can use to make yourself much more attractive… One of the quickest ways to make yourself more attractive is one of the simplest: take up more room. There’s a direct correlation between how attractive someone is perceived as being and what’s known as “space maximization”.

You become immediately more inviting and approachable when your open up your torso.

Crossing your arms, slouching and curling in on yourself, on the other hand, makes you look unfriendly and unapproachable; you’re putting actual barriers between you and the people you want to talk to.

To start with, learn to fidget less; don’t continually play with your hair, adjust your clothes or flutter your hands. Eliminating fillers from your speech like “umm”, “errr” and “well…” is also useful.The right outfit – or the wrong one, for that matter – can utterly transform you.Hell, a woman mistook Richard Gere – a world famous Hollywood heart-throb – for a homeless man, going so far as to offer him food out of pity.Let’s look at this image for an idea of what that entails: Yes, this is a posed photo, but it illustrates space maximization rather nicely. It’s a subtle way of communicating via body-language.Notice how the man is sitting: his legs are spread apart. He’s displaying confidence and assertiveness – even a little attitude – by being willing to spread out. People who confident are afraid to take up space; they huddle in on themselves, as though they’re afraid to offend others with their presence.

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