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If you have a problem in your life, it doesn’t mean that the world will end. Just because you have a problem, the world will stop spinning? No matter how big your problem is, we’ll all still be here tomorrow. Your problem will still be there, waiting for you when you’re done complaining.

If you want to make your problems go away, you have to do something different.

Geek up your Valentine’s Day with a fun and interactive quiz show about the science of attraction.

Join TV scientist Emily Grossman as she explains some of her favourite facts about sex and dating.

The problem they’re addressing is the prevalence of porn on the internet, and they concede right off that government regulation ought to be avoided (“There’s something to be said for keeping the Internet out of the hands of progressive planners”). Right now, there are many “top-level domains” — .com, .org, .biz, .gov, , etc.

Most corporations, schools, and other organizations have perfectly harmless material that kids and teens can view without causing their parents to stay up at night.

Antelopes use deception to get a date, whilst frustrated flies will turn to drink if they don’t get lucky.

Male octopi literally dismember themselves to reproduce and can it be true that pandas are partial to porn?

Not the federal government, they say, but who then?

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said: “We do not want to turn Britain into a nation of clock watchers.

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