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On August 29, the Navy launched an official investigation looking into possible security changes, communications with law enforcement and emergency responders, and on-site personnel response.The investigation is headed by a twenty-person team, which submitted a 41-page report on September 26.Everyone one of them [sic] had to make sacrifices in their lives." An official participating in the investigation told The New York Times there was no evidence that Abdulazeez was in contact with any social media recruiters working for ISIL, explaining, "This case appears to be much more like the old model, where he was interested in radical Islam and sought to learn more about it online by looking at videos and readings." On July 23, 2015, in the immediate aftermath of the attack, FBI special agent Ed Reinhold stated that the attack was being treated as the work of "a homegrown violent extremist" and that the FBI is exploring the idea that Abdulazeez was self-radicalized.On December 16, 2015, Comey said that the FBI investigation had concluded that "there is no doubt that [Abdulazeez] was inspired, motivated by foreign terrorist organization propaganda." Comey added that it was difficult to determine which specific terrorist group or groups inspired Abdulazeez.Abdulazeez had drug and alcohol problems, and his family tried to place him in a rehabilitation program.The New York Times reported that limits on the family's health insurance coverage "thwarted their plan to have him go into rehab." The investigation after the shooting revealed that Abdulazeez "had serious psychological problems." According to a family representative, Abdulazeez was abusing sleeping pills, opioids, painkillers, and marijuana along with alcohol.

The Center recruited personnel for branches of the United States military, including the U. He was ultimately not charged with any crime, and the information revealed no information on Abdulazeez himself.

He had also been thousands of dollars in debt and was planning to file for bankruptcy. His first trip was in 2003 and the last trip was between April and November 2014, when Abdulazeez visited a maternal uncle.

This last visit was arranged by Abdulazeez's family, who wanted him to get away from friends they believed were bad influences on him. After his 2014 visit to Jordan, Abdulazeez told friends that Jordan, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia ought to have sent more help to Hamas during the 2014 Israel–Gaza conflict.

Terrorists seek to divide our society, and we pray that all Americans will stand together united against their wanton violence and hatred." The National Vice-President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA stated, "While we do not yet know what motivated this man, we urge calm, defer to authorities to justly resolve this, and pray for the departed U. Marines." On July 29, Carter released a two-page memorandum directing military commanders and civilian leaders to develop new security plans and measures, including "the option of additional armed personnel".

He put an emphasis of added security at small, unguarded facilities such as the two military installations attacked by Abdulazeez.

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