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Many times when facing serious criminal charges, especially of a sexual nature, and most especially a minor or underage teen, people feel compelled to deny any wrongdoing to any and all who will listen.Your actions immediately upon having become aware that you may be suspected of criminal wrongdoing will be interpreted and scrutinized by law enforcement, prosecutors, and ultimately a jury.We offer peer- or professionally led groups for caregivers and others dealing with Alzheimer's disease.All support groups are facilitated by trained individuals.Without a Search Warrant a police officer cannot search your computer, home, vehicle or smartphone without your express consent for them to do so.If you have been asked to allow Consent for a Search then most likely you are already the target of an investigation and doing so will only serve to compound the evidence against you.

Often these decoys will initiate flirtatious and sometimes sexual conversations in a general chat room and may even move to a private chat room for more explicit sexual chats.People have been charged and convicted of Internet Sex Crimes for Facebook conversations between adults and minors, often when a parent of the juvenile or other adult views the child's account and discovers the sexually explicit conversation or chat.Facebook and other social media networks allow unfettered access to underage teens, often unmonitored by their parents, which may lead to an increase in Internet Sex Crimes.Most teens have access to cell phones, tablet devices, and smart phones, which have internet capabilities, as well as, cameras and webcams.The transmission of nude photographs of an adult to a minor is a serious felony in Tennessee, as well as, a Federal Crime.

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