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It is located at the southwest corner of Muskegon Township, but is administratively autonomous.The Paleo-Indians were superseded by several stages of Woodland Indian developments, the most notable of whom were the Hopewellian type-tradition, which occupied this area, perhaps two thousand years ago Perhaps the best remembered of the Indian inhabitants of the area was the Ottawa Indian Chief, Pendalouan.The racial makeup of the city was 57.9% White, 31.7% African American, 2.3% Native American, 0.46% Asian, 0.03% Pacific Islander, 2.69% from other races, and 3.50% from two or more races.Hispanic or Latino of any origins were 6.4% of the population. It is also part of the larger Grand Rapids-Wyoming-Muskegon-Combined Statistical Area with a population of 1,321,557.. state of Michigan, and is the largest populated city on the eastern shores of Lake Michigan. The Muskegon Metro area had a population of 172,188 in 2010.The gender makeup of the city was 52.1% male and 47.9% female.

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In 1976, Muskegon Mall was built in downtown Muskegon, featuring Sears, Steketee's, and Hardy's-Herpolsheimer's.

The Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness is currently seeking individuals who are interested in becoming more active with the coalition through formal membership on a MCAH committee or board of directors.

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A second mall, The Lakes Mall, was built southeast of town in 2001, resulting in the closure of Muskegon Mall and the rebirth of the City's traditional downtown.

Other retail sectors include Apple Avenue, Sherman Boulevard, and Henry Street.

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