Postcard dating by stamp

The postcard has a divided back with the Cy Ko corner stamp box from the 1904 to 1920's period. This is an original RPPC photo postcard card which shows Elevyn Meenen standing next to a steel toy airplane. The photo is a beautiful & very sharp black & white silver print. This postcard was found in York, PA with several other views of a biplane that performed at the York Fairgrounds but we don't know if this is the same biplane that was in the other views. Howe has signed the card & dated it on the front "Mr. He has also signed & dated the card on the back 1/29/17 Love & Kisses from Thomas". The cards are all in crisp, fresh, near mint condition.

This is be followed by more detailed listings for some countries - Great Britain, the United States of America and France.carnival in Basque country country life in France: the poultry fair what a hair cut!m & french pop/rock Le Tour de France: cycling tactics introduction a general history of postcards other means of dating postcards postcards in the united kingdom postcards in the united states of america postcards in france postage stamp values to aid dating postcards glossary of words and terms end notes You find a pretty and interesting postcard in a secondhand bookshop, maybe in France, or on e-bay.We're not certain of the maker but it could possibly have been made by Bing. We don't know if this photo was created from two images, combining a photo of the landscape with that of the plane, or if it was actually a photo of a man flying the plane. But, we are not going to see the alligator tugging on the strap as the alligator is stuffed & standing on a pedestal. There is some wear at the corners & a little wear along the edges. One photo shows the man standing next to his horse Toddax. Another photo shows the man in a four wheeled carriage. The cards were never addressed & they were never mailed. All of the post cards have a divided back & a CKO stamp box.An enlargement of the detail with the toy car is shown below. Chances are that it was made from two photos as it was unlikely that they had another plane or vantage point to take a photo of a plane flying that high. Howe is holding a cigar & looks quite pleased with himself. The back has an AZO stamp box with four triangles up. We have just shown one back as a sample since all of the backs are the same variety & all of the backs are in the same condition.

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