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Now you can see added Class Module in the Project Explorer. You can change the class module name with using properties.

Explanation: In the above example, I have created and assigned to Active Workbook to ‘Wb’ objet. An array is a set of variables that are similar type.

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[/fusion_builder_column] Variant data type is default data type and it can hold any type of data.

Please find the following steps to delete macros from the workbook.This will allocate maximum memory to hold the Varian Type.We use Variant data-type when we dot know the type of the data or to accept the multiple data types in a single variable.You can use Workbook_Open() Event to run macros automatically in Excel VBA while opening Workbook. Or we can also define a procedure named Auto_Open() in any code module, this will execute while opening the macro file. Click on ‘This Workbook’ from the Project Explorer. Now, you can see two drop down lists in the right side of the VBA Editor window. Select ‘Workbook’ from the first drop down list and then choose ‘Open’ from the second drop down list. Note: Before running above macro add User Form and then assign the name of the User Form to ‘My Form’.To get Workbook_Open() Event in Excel, please find the following steps. You can use Workbook_Open() Event to show User Form automatically in Excel VBA when we open Workbook. By Val vs By Ref in VBA is also one of the most frequently asked Excel VBA Interview Questions and Answers.

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