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By using the e Bucks Rewards Programme, You acknowledge that You have read, understood and agreed to these Terms and Conditions, and that You have consented to Us sharing certain of Your personal or Your Business information within Our Affiliates in the ordinary course of Our business.

* Two of the Partners, FNB and RMB Private Bank, may charge You a Credit Card Monthly Rewards Fee.

IMPORTANT: We specifically draw Your attention to the following crucial provisions, which We require You to read and agree to prior to concluding any transaction or interacting in whatsoever way with the e Bucks Rewards Programme: We are committed to the provisions and the spirit of the Consumer Protection Act.

As it is new law difficulties concerning the interpretation and the application of the law will inevitably arise.

You also may not send e Bucks between a Business e Bucks Account and a Personal e Bucks account or between two Business e Bucks Accounts, but you may send e Bucks from a Business e Bucks Account to a Personal e Bucks Account.

You may also not purchase any goods and/or services by utilising e Bucks from Your Personal e Bucks Account and e Bucks from Your Business e Bucks Account as a combined payment for such goods and/or services.

Do not disclose Your Access Codes to any other person and do not keep them with other e Bucks Rewards Programme documents.

Personal Members can send e Bucks from their Personal e Bucks Account to another Personal e Bucks Account.An itemised breakdown of all Our fees is included in the fees and charges section elsewhere in these Terms and Conditions.This includes a Dormancy Administration Penalty from Your e Bucks Account should You fail to earn or spend e Bucks on Your relevant e Bucks Account for a period of 6 (six) months, which amount is utilised to cover the costs of maintaining Your e Bucks Accounts on Our system."We" or "Us" will also refer to RMB Private Bank which is a division of First Rand Bank Limited.These Terms and Conditions constitute an agreement between You and Us and govern Your and Our rights and obligations once You register for the e Bucks Rewards Programme and/or each time You access or use the e Bucks Rewards Programme.

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