Updating group policy immediately

For example, the following command displays all of the computers in the container named Computers, in the Fabrikam.local domain: Get-ADComputer -Filter * -Searchbase "CN=Computers, DC=Fabrikam, DC=local" If you pipe the results of this command to a For Each statement, you can execute the Invoke-GPUpdate cmdlet on each computer returned by the command.The net result of the following command, for example, is to schedule to run on every computer in the Computers container within 10 minutes.

Even though Group Policy Caching relates specifically to Windows 8.1, you still might see an exam question on this topic.The -Force parameter resembles the /Force option with GPUpdate.exe: It reapplies all policy settings regardless of whether they have changed.The -Random Delay In Minutes parameter allows you to specify a random interval in minutes up to the number of minutes specified, before the Group Policy update will be run.This step schedules to be run within 10 minutes on all clients running Windows Vista or later and on all servers running Windows Server 2008 or later in that OU.FIGURE 9-1 Updating Group Policy on all computers in an OU Note the limitations: You can force a Group Policy refresh on all computers .

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