Say we have nothing in common dating

We spend the afternoon trash talking, farting, eating junk food, and talking about women. When my girlfriend and I first met, we quickly realized we didn’t have many common interests.

I stand by that post today, especially now that I’m dating and living with someone.

I see this all the time with couples that are joined at the hip, where he’ll stop playing games or she’ll give up yoga because their partner isn’t interested in doing it with them. If your partner wants to go running and you don’t, that’s great: you can park your ass on the couch and read comic books til she gets back.

In fact, there are evenings where my girlfriend and I want to hang out with each other, yet still want to indulge in our pasttimes.

They form symbiotic bonds, and end up sacrificing their happiness for their partners’, and vice versa. Respect her interests, and make sure she respects yours. Have you ever dated someone with different interests than yours?

Many of them forgo their hobbies to spend every waking moment with The One™. You’re not just left with an Ex One™, you’re also left with No Friends™. Life is going to pull you away from your hobbies anyway, either when you move, or your job takes more time, or you start a family and need to spend time raising tiny humans (babies before games, duh).

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