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Galvanized Yankees "Galvanized Yankees" were Confederate Prisoners of War who gained their release from prison by enlisting in the Union Army.

Their Compiled Service Records are held at the National Archives and are now available online at Fold3.

Time to get creative or work two minimum wage jobs. And that's how I ended up working in an adult prison, teaching felony offenders.

For me, I can't explain it (or why I did it while active). I thought maybe it had to do with my 10 years of teaching in a juvenile offender detention facility a number of years ago. All I know is that the topic fascinates me and I prefer it over battles and leaders of the war.

"Andersonville." The ONE Civil War site I MUST see even if I see no others? Explaining why I fell in love studying Civil War prisons is like trying to explain the compulsion to don the wool and grab a musket and fall in with a reenacting unit.

3: Easyrider Rodeo September 28-30: 4-H Halloween Campout October 6: Cattle Show October 12-14: So.

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