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He was captured shortly after his escape and after his release two years later, the crime spree would then begin with gang members W. Jones, Raymond Hamilton, Joe Palmer, Ralph Fults, Henry Methvin, and Clyde's older brother Buck Barrow and his wife, Blanche.

The pair's love story was adapted into an eponymously named film in 1967 but a world away from the fiction the unseen images keep their legend alive.

Thomas said: 'It explains the whole public enemy era, a little bit of their love story and that there were a lot of victims, as well as delving into what was happening during the depression era.'It was like they could never get caught and always seemed to just about escape, they were always really lucky'I was more interested in their life and how they got to that point then the way they went out in that ambush.'They supposedly shot two young officers in South Lake, that's when public opinion is supposed to have changed towards them, up until that point they were championed'One of the people who was with them sold them out, which is supposedly how they became trapped and they were ambushed.'Bonnie and Clyde did kill people; but often times when they took somebody's car, they would give them a clean shirt and money to go home, so they must have had some elements of a nice side.'When you look at them and see how young they were when they died, aged 23 and 24 it's pretty shocking to see.'At 9.15am on May 23, 1934, two small-time Depression-era bank robbers named Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow died on a lonely road outside Gibsland, Louisiana.

They were killed by a 16-second hail of 187 automatic rifle and shotgun rounds, fired at their Ford V8 sedan.

The lawmen who shot them also wanted their piece ofhistory.

Hamer and his men took the arsenal of machine guns, rifles and pistols they found in the car, as well as the 15 false number plates that Clyde used to confuse his pursuers. Bonnie Parker's clothes and saxophone, which had also been in the Ford, were taken by the lawmen, too.

Blood-stained pieces of Bonnie's dress were removed, as were locks of her hair. Within 12 hours, the town's population had ballooned from just 2,000 to an estimated 12,000, with spectators travelling across the state to see the grisly remains of Bonnie and Clyde - and the price of beer in local bars doubled in price as a result.

Near Gibsland, they stopped to greet the father of one of their gang members - but it was a trap.Ms Warren hired a lawyer to reclaim it and within weeks was renting out the car for £100 a week - a staggering sum in those days - to Charles W. He took it around the country to help plug his popular crime lectures.Stanley made a fortune out of the fame of Bonnie and Clyde - a fame that was fanned by their funerals.Also in the collection is a copy of Clyde's criminal record detailing robberies and murder his fingerprints, and the warning: 'this man is very dangerous and extreme care should be taken when arresting him'.Burt Finger, 74, PDNB Gallery Director, said: 'There are certain outlaws that become iconic, like Billy the Kid, Al Capone and others, who live on forever.'Bonnie and Clyde were certainly that, they were both handsome people, were nobodies, and they robbed banks at a time when banks were not loved by everyone.'They had eluded capture for many years, their apprehension was strategic and tactical, it worked like a military operation.'It was planned out to the letter, officers didn't want Bonnie and Clyde to get away and to potentially go on to kill other police officers and civilians.'The previous owner had acquired the photographs from her uncle who worked at the local newspaper at the time of the event.'The images are like a storyboard to a movie, but it reminds you that these were actual people aside from the portrayals and preconceptions.'Some of the photographs are gory, they were killed in a horrible manner, but they were killers too - I'm like a doctor and look at them in a clinical way.'People are intrigued by Bonnie and Clyde and our exhibit at Photographs Do Not Bend was well received.'I am the gallery director but have been a photo collector for things like this and these vintage photographs are really important.'I thought it would be great for our gallery to own them for a while, the exhibit had a larger than money value.'The photographs were on show at 22-year-old gallery Photographs Do Not Bend, which exhibits work from the 20th century, up until recently when they were bought by a private collector.

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