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After completing the personal charts of both individuals, the charts for the relationship are created.

These relationship charts explore the compatibility of the individuals as well as the characteristics of the WE (the “new relationship entity” created by these two people coming together).

The report provides a date range for when each transit is affecting you, including planetary transits and Chiron transits (unique feature of this report).♥ We use astrological insights to understand the issues you may be experiencing.

This report compares the charts of two individuals using the “inter-aspect” or synastry method, looking at the impact of one individual upon the other.

Aspects examined reveal the basic qualities of the interaction, providing insights about compatibility.

The tendencies may be there, but it is you who shapes your own destiny through your thoughts, attitudes and beliefs.

Our approach blends: Identify challenges and strengths in your relationship, areas that may be likely to trigger conflict, best ways to deal with conflict, and ways in which you can support the growth and happiness of both partners and thriving of the relationship.

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