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Five of the nation's traditional and very special places where comfort foods are served.

Diners find such menu favorites as steak and potatoes, mac and cheese, burgers and fries, and old fashioned baked pies. It’s what scientists have termed a ‘grand minimum’ — a particularly low point in what is otherwise a steady 11-year cycle.

This banded female osprey is not the resident female and may have lost her mate and/or was looking for a new partner. See the interactive timeline above for specific dates and other significant events.

The camera is an Axis P5534 network camera that can pan, tilt, and zoom.

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We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties with our current cameras which is why we only have a few cameras online right now.The investigation centers around eight videos that show the school's recently hired cheer coach forcibly pushing girls into an extended split position.In at least one of the videos, viewers can hear a cheerleader cry out in pain.The predominate colors I have seen, in the Sierras, are olive, olive/brown and black… Materials BROWN/OLIVE BLACK FLY LARVAE ( Simulium vittatum )… HOOK: – Dai Riki 135, TMC 2487, Daiichi 1130, #12 -#20 RIB: Ultra Silver Wire, SM or x-sm ABDOMEN: Black Sparkle Dubbing – I used Black Gnat Antron GILLS: White CDC This is a very simple tie that one could replicate in other colors and sizes… HOOK: Daiichi 1130, #18 – #22 THREAD: Olive 70 Denier Ultra – for Abdomen – Olive Tiemco 16/0 – for Head area RIB: Single strand of the Chartreuse DNA Holo Fusion ABDOMEN/ BODY: 70 Denier Ultra OVER ABDOMEN: Clear Micro Tubing GILLS: White CDC This is a curved version of the Steve Parrott design offered by UMPQUA Feather Merchants…Simulium vittatuis the dominant species in Inyo and Mono counties, CA…

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