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We will feature a new piece by a poet or prose writer every two weeks from now through the beginning of March, and invite readers to engage with each piece individually and with the conversation generated between them.

Each piece will also include the date and place of its composition, which we hope will speak both to the diversity of writers we have invited to participate, and to the shared vision for change that we hope will also emerge.

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What writing is meaningful, now, to read and write?

special feature on Labor Day in recognition of all that this official US holiday obscures and erases. tribute to the contributions workers have made,” its origins could more accurately be described as an attempt to symbolically placate workers while continuing with business as usual; just days after Congress passed legislation to establish the holiday, in June 1894, President Cleveland authorized federal troops to crush the Pullman Strike and open fire on the striking workers, killing thirty people.

Although the Department of Labor describes the day as “a yearly . For many, Labor Day is significant only in the emptiness of its gesture, as this country refuses to acknowledge how it was founded and how it continues: through the genocide of native people, on the backs of people who were enslaved, through the exploitation of undocumented and migrant workers, and through the labor of all those who are underpaid and must work without dignity and safety; this legacy of genocide, slavery, and exploitation shapes everything in this country, from the prison industrial complex to the education system.

Sinfonia concertante is a different genre, and works of that genre are not included here, unless for those named works that are usually known as a symphony.

Thris Tian‘s weekly Friday afternoon show expands to a brand new Saturday broadcast, getting into the mix with some of his favourite artists.

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