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In 2011, the convention generated an estimated ,137,157 in economic spinoffs in the city, In 2014, the World Cosplay Summit (WCS) announced that Canada would join this international event as an Observer Nation in 2015.

Otakuthon was selected as the convention to hold the Canadian Preliminaries for the WCS, starting in 2014.

Otakuthon's programming consists of cosplay events, a masquerade, vendors, an Artists' Area, panels and workshops, game shows, anime video screenings, dances, karaoke, and music concerts.

New to 2008 were photo booths, a garage sale anime marathon presented by Otaku Anime of Concordia University, held at the Henry F. The anime marathon had over the years, used one or several screening rooms, over the course of one In 2006, Otaku Anime joined together with other local anime clubs and individuals to turn the annual anime marathon into a full blown convention.

2010 introduced a Thursday evening badge pickup option for pre-registered attendees, which alleviated the long lineups on Friday as well as provided them immediate access to the convention area when the doors opened on Friday afternoon.

Year after year, Otakuthon has occupied more and more conference spaces and hallways of the convention center following an annual progressive growth; while in 2008 less than half of the 5th and 7th floors were booked, in 2010 nearly 80% of those floors plus the main exhibition hall of the 2nd floor (for Registration) were open for the convention.

This allowed the convention to increase its capacity, concentrate the main attractions on a single floor instead of multiple floors at the university, as well as free itself from restrictions imposed upon by the institution.

In the same year, Otaku Anime and the other anime clubs managing the convention formed the Quebec Anime Committee, Otakuthon's parent organization.

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To clarify, this means that, until further notice, Uptown Cosplay and I will no longer be hosting panels together, as Soul Sisters Cosplay.If any of you would like to see me host a panel, please send me any ideas you have for what kind of panel you’d like it to be at my personal Tumblr blog, @eikatsukiyomi!I’m sorry to have to make this announcement, and I thank you all for your understanding.In 2017, Registration was moved to Level 1 to make space for expansion of the Exhibition Hall on 2nd floor.Expansion of exhibit and conference space is expected to continue in the upcoming years as the convention continues to maintain a strong growth rate.

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