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Yoco will settle your account within one working day, and the money will reflect in your account within 24 - 48 hours after settlement.

However you will need to unpair the reader from the first phone before pairing to the second phone.• Wireless Lite - R1 749 inc VAT (R1 534.21 ex VAT) or pay 16 weekly instalments (R349.80 Upfront Payment and Weekly Cost of R116.81, Total Cost: R2,218.76). 2) Credit card transactions have a minimum charge of R1.50 excluding VAT.The App is compatible with i Phone, i Pod touch, i Pad and most Android phones eg. The app can be downloaded on i OS and Android devices: Download now from the Apple App Store Download now from the Google Play Store Both card readers:• Work with Android or Apple smartphones and tablets• Accept VISA and Master Card transactions (Debit and credit cards, including international cards)• Accept swipe and chip-and-PIN cards• Have a secure tamperproof design• Have 14 hours of battery life Yoco Wireless PRO - R2 749 inc VAT (R2 411.40 ex VAT)• For businesses in busy spaces and lots of transactions• Great for Bars, Restaurants, Retail and Clothing Stores etc.• Faster processing (Bluetooth 4.0) • NFC (tap-and-pay technology) ready for when it goes live shortly• Stands and accessories available Yoco Wireless LITE - R1 749.00 inc VAT (R1 534.21 ex VAT)• For businesses starting out and offsite payments• Great for Deliveries, Beauty Studios, Gyms etc• Bluetooth connectivity only• No stand available - hand held only Yes, the Yoco card readers can be used with multiple devices.For example, if you and your business partner each have a phone and want to use the card reader separately, you can.Yes, Yoco can be paired with any compatible smartphone or tablet, and can be used by multiple staff members.But, the card reader can only be paired with one phone or tablet at a time.

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