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Please note: Our staff members offer guidance on resumes and cover letters, but will not write or type these documents for patrons.Saratoga Library careers employment interviewing job Get free one-on-one resume help, education and career advice, interviewing prep, Linked In profile tips, and more with help from a Job Information Resource Librarian.Check out the one you've been using, maybe even for a few years now. Then, before you set out to make your new, fresh, and updated resume, read the following to make sure you don't inadvertently make a mistake that automatically leads to rejection. They look at hundreds of resumes, if not more, for every position and all it takes is one moment of annoyance to move on from yours, even if you are perfectly qualified.Here's info on what to never, ever include, and some examples of what a truly bad resume looks like so you can make sure yours looks totally different: Finally, we have a series dedicated to walking you step-by-step through resume writing, tailored to certain industries and careers.All it takes is a poorly organized resume for a hiring manager to click "close" or toss it on the "no" pile.You have, quite literally, seconds to make a good impression on a first reader.Here's some info to help you decide for yourself: Somewhere on your resume, after listing all of your relevant jobs and experience, you'll need to let hiring managers know about your skills sets. What won't they have to spend time and money teaching you, because you already know how to do it?

Whether you want a promotion or a job change (or think you might one one of these things in the near future), it’s time to think about making some changes.

Or should you practice your editing skills to get all of your info on one page? Check out this quick guide on how to decide: When To Make a Multiple Page Resume Finally, what if you just don't have... If you're fresh our of college and applying for your first job, no amount of creativity can add years and years of professional experience to your resume.

But, there are ways you can present yourself and ready and capable for any job.

After your name, address, and email comes the chance to write that controversial "Objective": a line or two that essentially summarizes the rest of your resume.

Some people are very much against this practice and consider it outdated, while some think it's a fine way to introduce the rest of your info.

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