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There are more festivals in the summer months than there are bands to play at them, so tailor your festival to suit your needs — if you’re not that bothered by the music it’s OK to pick the one rumoured to offer the best organic food, or to choose one that has a massage and pedicure tent.Likewise, if the idea of sleeping in a tent brings back horrific memories of Brownie camp, then you might be happier attending Bestival on the Isle of Wight and booking into a nearby b&b — or opting for one of the boutique yurts at the Big Chill in Herefordshire.It’s essential to start your alfresco musical experience in bite-size pieces, so you could try a one-day event like Get Loaded in the Park on South London’s Clapham Common.You can still enjoy listening to music in the open air and queuing for hours to buy a burger, but if it all gets too much you can decamp to the nearest gastropub to use the loos or even just get the bus home.It’s OK not to know that much about who you are watching, but if you’re worried then get your most musically with-it friend to compile you a new playlist to listen to on the journey down.Then when you’re watching the group perform, you can sing along and pretend that ‘I’ve been into them for ages, actually’. The world won’t end if you can’t maintain your five-a-day healthy eating regime or you’ve forgotten to pack your Chanel moisturiser.

The festival is a three-day holiday to kick back and chill out, but don’t let the hippie vibes and too much sun – or rain – go to your head.

Whether you're planning a trip with your partner or merely fantasising about one, vacation sex likely plays a starring role in your vision.

It deserves its reputation as particularly delicious.

You can encourage each other to try new things, and then happily ditch the music, the comedy tent and the healing field in favour of finding a shady spot to have an impromptu picnic and put the world to rights — an essential festival experience.

Outdoor shindigs can bring out the best and worst in people.

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