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And someone I’m actually in love with, so it’s pretty exciting! I imagine some gay contestants who are pretty much “out” in their personal lives might feel the need to sort of “front” in order to get votes from viewers.

TW: When I was 18 and on the show it was very stressful to find the balance of being yourself and coming across in an authentic way.

To that end: recaps of all the dancers' "journeys," a few clips of audition heroes like Cody Carlson (of course), Thomas "Mr. ) and Eliazer Chapman, and a ton of highlights and returning contestants for encore performances of some of the season's best routines.

Jaja tops Virgil for top Team Street member, and Gaby bests Hailee on Team Stage -- and if, on the wild off-chance this show returns, let's hope they leave this manufactured nonsense behind -- with Gaby winning 0,000 and the opportunity to dance for Jennifer Lopez (who I guess couldn't be bothered to provide a generic "Congratulations, winner! You may remember Gaby as the dancer who the judges didn't like on her first audition, so she tried again, making her solo "less busy" as they suggested and giving the judges the chance to pat themselves on the back for the rest of the season for selecting Gaby due to her gumption.

As the week went on, the All-Stars narrowed down the crop of dancers, eventually choosing one each to take to the live shows as the season 14 Top 10.

The first put in that enviable position was Kevin Davis, Jr., who had several of the pros fighting over him. Meanwhile, Lee picked Fik-Shun and Hernandez picked Holker, too, while Millis went with Spencer.In just one hour, they all had to master a routine to perform for the All-Stars.Here, Kaylee Millis and Dassy Lee were among the favorites. The finale of this show is always a little weird, with the judges picking their favourite routines to be re-danced. Gaby seems nice and all, but is a little bland and -- I mean, even this week, I keep writing "Gabi" and have to correct it. Of all the performances tonight, only seven were not previously performed, so I went ahead and put them in the top seven spots. I guess it wouldn't be much fun for the studio audience if the show just reran the clips, but they're completely indistinguishable from the original performances, at least to my eyes. As correctly noted by Adam Grosswirth, this is why Americans shouldn't vote for things.

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