Updating dataset in asp net

Data Sets can also easily be passed between layers in an application, even if those layers are not in the same process space.

For instance, an application server can get the data from a database and then send off the Data Set across process space, or even across a wire to a separate server doing presentation services.

The Data Set enables you to update the in-memory copy of the data, and use a Data Adapter specific to a data provider to have those changes persisted back in the database.

If you run a shop where database updates are done using stored procedures, you can use a properly configured Data Adapter to ensure that changes to the database are made using stored procedures.

NET Web Services accepts parameters of type Data Set and return values of type Data Set.The important thing to remember is that the Data Set is independent of any particular database; the only connection that exists is when the Data Set is used in conjunction with a Data Adapter.Which of the data access classes should you use in your application?Unfortunately, there are a number of occasions when this is not possible. A common use of the Data Reader to read through a result set would look like the following: When you get the results into the Data Reader, it’s important to note that the “cursor” or logical pointer into the returned data is just before the first row. When working with recordsets, the logical pointer is initially placed at the first row of data.To read records you must create a loop that contains a call to . I cannot tell you the number of times I forgot this when working with recordsets in classic ADO.

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