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"The culprit may well be a food allergy," says Alman, "something the lover has eaten and is being expressed in his semen.If the woman has known food allergies she needs to ask him if he has eaten whatever it is.He's hard at work on new music with his band R5, took to the stage to perform...Pour tchater c'est simple, il suffit d'avoir une cam et une connexion internet avec un navigateur derniere gnration (IE, Chrome, Firefox...) et de taper sur google "Chat en cam" et de remplir le formulaire ci-contre puis de commencer tchater gratuitement.The easy solution is for him not to eat that for 36 hours before unprotected intercourse, or to use a condom." 7.Hunger You know the joke about the guy who has sex and immediately gets up to make himself a sandwich?"Some women also black out with orgasm, momentarily," adds Alman.

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However, itching and burning after sex isn't always the result of a sperm allergy.Bad Headaches If sex is followed by a bad headache, you're not alone. "Because intercourse and orgasm can launch a whole cascade of physiological events including increased blood pressure, it may trigger headaches, including migraine headaches," she says."But it's important to get this checked out to make sure the headaches are not caused by organic causes, such as a brain tumor or other neural abnormality."This is often a release of stored tension, like an orgasm, and sometimes accompanies one," she adds. Bleeding Kathleen,* 35, a woman who lives in the Boston area, says that when she uses the bathroom after sex, she notices a little blood on the toilet paper, and it worries her.For good reason, says Lissa Rankin, MD, ob-gyn, an author and the founder of Owning

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