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I have some interesting black & white pic's you may be interested for your site one in particular with CYRIL & MAUDE with her beloved PEKINESE dog collecting rent from one of his streets, the only car in the street being his! I am in the process of researching my family tree and have come across my great great granddad William Adney and his wife Sarah Ann and their 5 children who lived at 29 Nelson Street.I have just come across the website, and am particularly interested because my mother, who died recently just before her 92nd birthday, grew up in 115 Ladywood Road.I am hoping that some of you wonderful Brummies can help me fill in gaps.In particular I would like to know where the family lived and would certainly like to find more about the narrow boat connection.

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My Grandmother Rosemary Lowe was born in 1930 and married Albert Cutts in 1948, they moved to Erdington and other areas of Birmingham and then Staffordshire.

On the marriage certificate, it states that James's father is John Gregory and he is a police Officer.

Censuses say that they went on to have several children.

Certificate held, Sarah was born in 7/12/1912, also in Birmingham.

My problem is, I cannot find a birth for James Gregory.

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