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Two weeks into Saudi Arabia’s closure of most of Yemen’s airspace and ports, in retaliation for a Houthi rebel ballistic missile launched at Riyadh airport on 4 November, activists and aid workers are warning that the impending famine is set to become the worst humanitarian crisis in modern history.A total of 20 million people – two-thirds of the population – are currently reliant on Yemen’s ports for vital food, medicine and other aid shipments.The historical debate over whether the mythical queen really existed continues to this day.In any case, the stability of ancient Sheba feels far removed from the entrenched state of warfare Yemen faces now.

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In Yemen’s failed talks so far, very few women have been included at a natiional or international level.“I dream of having an education.” In Marib, where there are now many women in university, the local authorities have started a bus route to ensure they get to and from campus safely.But one local human rights activist said she feels that what on the surface seems like progress is still not adequately challenging the status quo.The five columns of the temple complex that served as the seat of her power cast long shadows, even under the 11am sun.The bases are covered in graffiti from throughout the ages, and empty water bottles and other rubbish litter the sand.

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