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After picking their favorite teams, coaches or athletes, users will receive instant news updates about them from your app.

They’ll even receive related news about rival teams and upsets.

If you just want to try out our samples we have a few free Sample App Templates as well.

Have an app idea but need someone to turn it into a reality?

It will even suggest the top one to keep so the user can delete the rest.

This app will send the user an official looking text or email that they must report for jury duty.

For example, “This person’s email inbox is full.” or “This person’s data plan can no longer accept text messages.”If a user can’t decide whether to fly vs.

drive somewhere, your app can give them the best suggestion.

A person can use your app to send and play the perfect song to a recipient.

Click here to jump to our Customization / App Development page and let us know what you’re thinking. If you’re down with a cold, this app will make you feel better.

Once we hear from you, we can work up a price quote with no obligation. With one click, users can ‘transmit’ their sickness to five friends.

Your app could also let users write love letters or inspirational messages to the celebrity, and post them on their own profile.

Sometimes you just have to have donuts – or whatever food you crave – in the middle of the night.

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