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We offer many TOP quality utilities for immobilization with fiberglass and plaster bandages from reputable manufacturers, amongst them 3M, Hartmann, BSN, NOBA, Miro, L & R, DARCO, HEBU, REBOTEC and many more. On the site, it's easy to see all the models and clips with the different models there available.Miro Syncast or Miro Polycast bandages available in 3 different size and various colors, we even provide Fibercast in 12 fancy colors! It's a website that offers clips of crutching and hopping, leg cast and sprained ankle with girls from Europe. Anonymuska the beutiful girl has had an accident, so she has to wear a long leg walking cast now. Britney Term SLWC & Hillary Term LLWC Casted Sister Foot Play This clip starts off with the two casted sisters sleeping in cute lingerie with casted legs dangling. Topics: 905, Posts: 6,970 , Members: 1,650 and growing!! Fortunately her brother (you) is around and she begs him for some help including helping to scratch her itchy feet in the cast -- but as she wiggles and curls her toes that's when she discovers you have a cast fetish! Without her slave to do things for her she feels completely incapacitated. - Tristan is our newest model at CF and she's really cool and enjoyed the shoot. one leg at least) Sablique crutches down the hall and into her hotel room in her angled LLC.She's friends with Jessica Lynn and we did this first shoot at her place. She's a secret cast fetishist, and she's rented an out of the way hotel room to show off her cast and play with you.

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- Remember the Sarah and Abby pics from a year ago? Sarah's in a red LLC and Abby's in a blue camo LAC. Her friend is of course eager for her to see the whole apartment including the loft space, and Cassidy grudgingly agrees to struggle up on her achy foot without the crutches because its too difficult using them on the narrow circular stairs.

Please feel free to contribute but please assign the photo,the credit according to the artist who did the adjusted image if possible.

I do permit anyone who can to improve the quality of my images via Photoshop or other photo-editing program or website.

Stay tuned for another gallery with lots of shots of her socks on both feet. The problem is it's near a construction site and it's a little distracting as she tries to get into it.

Her friend is fascinated with her cast and all its drawing even though Cassidy would prefer forgetting she has it on.

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