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But the dad-of-three didn't explore the paranormal again until he met Rebecca. I remember waking up and my dog Sam was asleep on the end of my bed and when I moved the cover I could see this guy sat stroking him.'A big ghostly fella and he was wearing a lumberjack jacket.

Being a teenager I just pulled the cover over my head and went back to sleep.'But when I told my mum the next day, she told me it sounded exactly like someone she knew who had died.'I never stopped believing but I didn't get back into exploring the paranormal properly until I met Rebecca.'Nesyamun's mummy was moved to Leeds City Museum in 1823 and has been recognised as one of the most remarkable mummies in Britain.

Rogers sometimes came into contact with a Canadian paratrooper named Jim Howlett, the man who would come to be known as Wolverine.

Rogers faced fascist Germans and imperialist Japanese.

Parents-of-three Sean and Rebecca were filming for their paranormal TV show at Leeds City Museum in March this year when the hooded apparition crossed their paths.

The museum holds the tomb of ancient Egyptian priest Nesyamun who died more than 3,000 years ago - and whose spirit Sean believes believes they encountered that night.

Given part of the compound intravenously and another part orally, Rogers was then bombarded by vita-rays, a special combination of exotic (in 1941) wavelengths of radiation designed to accelerate and stabilize the serum's effect on his body.

Little else is known about Rogers' early life other than the fact that a strong sense of duty, honor, and humility was instilled in him; perhaps due to his Irish Catholic upbringing.

It was great to see we had actually got it and it's so clear.'The top of the shadow was in the shape of a pointed hood and it walked straight into the tomb on the right. I definitely think it could be his spirit.'From what I know, the museum is meant to be quite active with reports of Nesyamun being seen.'As much as I believe in the paranormal I like to be sceptical so the first thing I do when we capture something is try to debunk it.'For one of us to create that shadow there would have had to be light behind us but there wasn't.

And there wasn't anyone walking behind us.'And you can tell where there is actually something there, you can definitely sense it.'Paranormal TV producers Rebecca and Sean use a REM pod, which emits an electromagnetic field, and a shadow detector - both of which can be heard going off in the video.

A couple have captured footage of a 'hooded shadowy figure' that they believe is the ghost of an Ancient Egyptian priest haunting the museum where his mummy is kept.

In the video all of the ghost-hunting equipment belonging to Sean Reynolds and Rebecca Palmer can be heard going off before a black shadow is seen 'walking' in front of the camera and apparently into a tomb.

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