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Moii tribe The members of the Moii tribe, men and women, decorate their nasal partitions with casuar bones. They protect their living environment as well as maintain excellent conditions for manufacturing and trading goods.So far, we have not seen anything like this at any „primitive“ tribe.But the places where we were able to come along with the inhabitants were fascinating.

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Yes, there were some villages where the people did not let us go in and we had to walk around them at a safe distance.

We planned to visit several areas in PNG, selecting one by one.

Finally we chose Upper Sepik which looked to be the best accessible destination. And still there are other, more promising localities for the next time!!! People have been changing – civilization comes everywhere. Some people have been dressed and those still naked are under a big pressure to get dressed, too. When people ask me about the best time to go to Papua I usually tell them the best time was yesterday, or the day before…

First contact expeditions head towards these “remote areas”.

In 2004, I came to the Simba tribe which had been discovered only few years earlier – in 1999.

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