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-«^s:fe*'- CC Awarded 0,000 Ford Foundation Grant Colorado College has been awarded a Ford Foundation grant of S 150.000 over a three-year per- iod, commencing with the 1970-71 academic year.The grant, award- ed by the foundation under its new Venture Fund grant program, will help support the new Colorado College Plan.Participating col- leges and universities will be se- lected in specific geographical ireas, beginning this year with the Western states.The first grants are to Colorado College and three -jther institutions including St.This prevents the groups who are trying to help from reaching these drug users.The Terros people feel in order to reach these underground young people, a neutral, friendly source of help is vital.

Barker hopes the new dynamism will come both from efforts in an area that in the past has not re- ceived as much attention as the socia aspects of the students" life — the academic — and througli a series of internal changes in tire CCCA.Replacing Melinda Bicker- staff, Smith began his- position as assistant Dean of Student Affairs this past June. He was introduced to working as a liaison between students and adminisb-a- tors when he served as Associate Director of Residence Halls for two years at Rochester.Pie majored in Eng- lish at Ohio Wesleyan and recei- ved his M. Smith likes CC and is entliusias- tic about his job here.The Terros program includes several phases of operation.Tlie first of these is a twenty-four hour telephone service operated by se- lected volunteers who are trained to handle drug situations.

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