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' I have carefully studied your manuscript Thus, the fundamental geometrical rules of the structure of crystals were established and only the crystals themselves remained to be analyzed, i.e., by determination of the concrete picture of the distribution of atoms.At 18 years he was a combat officer in Kiev but resigned from military duty after two years to devote himself to the ' Sturm und Drang' [storm and stress] which was characteristic of the progressive Russian youth of the sixties and seventies [19th century].He then tried two higher institutes of learning, belonged to the revolutionary underground, vigorously participated in the publishing of the newspaper of the Revolutionary Organization, and spent several years abroad on business, and finally his fascination with crystallography led him in 1880 to the Mining Institute (Gorny Institute).The only way to conduct such an analysis at that time was the optical method and geometrical analysis with the aid of a goniometer.Fedorov became and remained to the very end of his life the most prominent specialist in the field of petrographic (optical) analysis of minerals; at the same time he was also very interested in the goniometric analysis of minerals.

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