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We need to do this before they get any bigger than Porsha's fat a** and Kim's gigantic duck lips.'While Porsha Williams and Kim, who was clad in a pink dress, refused to hand over their phones in the 'no phone zone', the other women did as Mbele asked and sat down for their session.As the lights flickered on and off, Kenya Moore quipped: 'I don't know if someone's trying to tell us there's a bad spirit in the room, but if they are it must be someone in a blonde wig and dresses as a bottle of Pepto-Bismol.'After Mbele told Cynthia to listen to her friends' warnings about boyfriend Will and told Nene that she was a 'sweetheart', Kim muttered under her breath to Porsha that the advice was nonsense and she did not believe the medium was genuine.The whole point of this event was to talk about the other damn elephants in this room.'Turning to Kandi, she said: 'Well, you guys got your own elephants you ain't resolved.''Oh you know elephants live long, honey,' Kandi said. You've got mugshots too.'Nene snapped: 'I got a mugshot and he's in prison.The attention soon turned to Shereé, who asked what Nene had been talking about when she referred to elephants in the room between them.'I don't have anything I need to talk to you about,' Nene said. This man is really in prison for a million years for doing some con stuff and you're over here talking to me about an arrest.'When Kenya tried to defend Nene, Kim fired back: 'Don't even let her bother you b****. Just keep it moving.'A riled Kenya said: 'Half the reason we're here is obviously the other elephant in the room, of Kim being rude.'As Kim checked her text messages, Kenya said: 'I'll wait for you to put your phone down if you want to have a conversation.''I don't actually,' Kim replied.The couple of times I've been around you, at least with you Shereé, there's been elephants in the room.But I think there's a lot of damn elephants in the damn room.'She later added: 'I want to get all the girls together because there are a lot of elephants we need to address.And bitch if it weren’t for me there would be no house. 'Kandi was also at the center of an ugly rumor spread by former cast member Phaedra Parks last season that she and husband Todd tried to drug and seduce Porsha Williams.

Not only did Zolciak hint to Whitfield she thought their friend might be on drugs, but she even said it to Leakes' face! I really wondered whether you were on drugs at your house.

While Nene and Shereé argued about Shereé's relationship with jailed boyfriend Tyrone Gilliams, Kim also clashed with Nene and asked if she had been on drugs at her tea party. I really wondered if you were on f***ing drugs at your house. Your eyes were, like, over here.'A shocked Nene asked: 'Are you kidding me?

'Addressing the camera, she raged: 'She's pulling s*** out of her a**.

In all honesty, Porsha Williams has been reaching for a story line on the current Real Housewives of Atlanta season.

She is always talking about becoming a vegan, her sister moved into her house because , and she just doesn’t seem to understand why Kandi Burruss won’t forgive her for spreading rumors that Kandi wanted to drug and rape Porsha last season In stark contrast, Dr.

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