Updating data is not supported by this isam

But there needs to be an icon like a save icon that is greyed out but colored if the row has been modified in my opinion.

And then maybe autocommit (if opted in) can autocommit if you click outside the row or move rows but otherwise you get an unsaved data warning.

Write locks can be used to prevent more than one process from updating the record at the same time, since only one process may acquire a write lock on a record. , all subsequent data record reads attempt to get a read lock before proceeding.

Read locks can be used to prevent another process from acquiring a write lock on the record. signals that the record is under review by one or more readers, and that no update should be performed. If read locks are not supported, c-tree returns a NO_ERROR condition (i.e., the read lock is not attempted, but no error is reported).

At it’s core, the import process does a “best guess” to map data types to a compatible c‑tree ACE SQL type.

The optimal mapping occurs when the application uses c‑tree DB data types, which map exactly to their c‑tree ACE SQL counterparts.

For example, a date stored as a system time value (four byte integer Unix times are the most common) can be properly returned as a c‑tree ACE SQL date with the proper epoch conversion applied.

Contact your nearest Fair Com office if you believe you have data types that do not directly map to c‑tree ACE SQL.

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c‑tree ACE introduced the ISAM Explorer tool which allows fast and easy database and table creation and maintenance.

Our experienced engineering team has a rich experience in solving these unique data query challenges, and can help you quickly implement a successful types SDK callback module.

, all subsequent data record reads attempt to get a write lock before proceeding.

As a result, queries may come back with unexpected result sets if you’re not expecting this situation.

The easiest solution, of course, is to drop these indexes after import (or skip them entirely during the import with the option provided) and re-define appropriate indexes via SQL after the import process is complete.

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