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Posted in what's hot Women have been in love with the Parisian lifestyle since well before Marie Antoinette suggested we all eat cake. There are pastries, fashion, chocolate and, oh yes, French men. It would be so convenient if there were a department of them at the local .An elegant place where women could pick out a man, complete with a receipt for return, just in case we were lured into an impulse purchase, seduced by his French perfume and shiny, well-polished shoes.I can not even begin to imagine how it works, and more precisely, how the women avoid running into their own husbands online, but the site’s ads keep me amused while I wait for the metro in the morning: “Unlike antidepressants, lovers are free,” for example, or “There’s a reason we don’t have a loyalty program.”5. Not exactly where you’d think of finding a man, but I have it from very good sources that single men go to the Grande Epicerie on Friday and Saturday evenings to scope out women and their shopping carts.

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Sylvia is thrilled to be a French citizen living in Paris, where she writes ad copy for brands like Cartier, Hermès and L’Oréal while raising two teens and learning to share life with a French man. But dating in France—or dating a French guy on American soil—presents a whole new world of romance that can’t necessarily be ordered à la carte. By way of a different culture, language, and romantic norms, dating someone from any country is bound to present some serious differences.It moved fast, but I hear that’s normal here.” Eileen believes the faster pace of new relationships is due primarily to cultural differences.“The French are more receptive to emotions, and to me, they seem more romantic,” she says.

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