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Yet, in reality, thousand of persons die every day and their cat does not get so upset. That brings us to the debunking of the number one anthropomorphism that many refuse to see as anthropomorphism.

The definition we give to a feeling can influence our understanding of the reality. First, let us recall that a cat will adopt a behavior only if said behavior will reward him in some way.

Besides, the media are the champions of anthropomorphism.Since this is a very sensitive issue, I will choose my words very carefully to broach such a thorny topic that might upset a lot of readers.However, it is very likely that this entry will allow you to have a much healthier relationship with your animal.They very often propagate anthropomorphic myths on animals.What better headline story than the heroic action of a cat that saved a child from a dog attack, or the cat who woke his owners to save them from a fire?

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