Validating assessments

It is likewise important to occasionally re-validate the tool after the initial validation, as offender population characteristics change over time, and it cannot be assumed that tools will continue to perform at the same level of accuracy indefinitely without testing and adjustment.Parole boards should be clear about the role of information from assessment instruments in their processes and target the selection and use of assessment instruments to agency policy and practice.Evaluaciones de validez: introducción a la Sección Especial.Antecedentes: la validación es el proceso de aportar evidencias de que las evaluaciones mediante tests y cuestionarios cumplen adecuada y apropiadamente los objetivos para los que se elaboran.Results: The five articles provide comprehensive examples of gathering data regarding these five sources of evidence and how they contribute to the validation of the use of test scores for particular purposes.Conclusions: These five articles provide concrete examples of how the five sources of validity evidence suggested by the Standards can be used to develop a sound validity argument to support the use of a test for its intended purposes.Doing so facilitates development of a common language and understanding for addressing risk management and risk reduction throughout the system.Other important factors to consider in instrument selection include: After selection of the tool or tools that will be used to measure risk level and need factors, an important subsequent step is the validation of that tool for the population that will be considered for parole release.

Estos enfoques y ejemplos ilustran el marco de validación implicado por los Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing.The first versions were typically developed by correctional agencies, through their own research departments or in collaboration with academic researchers.More recently, instruments have become available commercially.Background: Validation is the process of providing evidence that tests and questionnaires are adequately and appropriately fulfilling the purposes for which they are developed.In this special issue, experts from several countries describe specific approaches to test validation and provide examples of their approach.

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