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Half the drawers on the dresser hung open and empty, the bed was stripped bare of its sheets, and the mattress sat askew atop the box spring frame. Brian had lived together with Chloe for two years, so coming home from his shift to find all of her things gone from his apartment had been a little jarring. She’s caught up in her own little oppressed feminist reality where you’re the bad guy, and I know most of it, fuck maybe all of that is bullshit. “No, thank you.” This was all too much to think about at once, and he honestly didn’t know what to say about any of it yet.

Being attracted to her meant he was objectifying her. Hurting her feelings was tantamount to abuse, whether or not it was intentional. The Anime Con pavilion was spacious and bright, lit by an enormous array of skylights. “I had fun,” Stephanie blurted out, suddenly wanting to say a dozen things but lacking courage to voice most of them. Just a few minutes later, his phone throbbed in his pocket, and then began to play the Fantasy Wars victory theme. His pace faltered and his smile abruptly drained away at what he saw, and the con-goers walking behind him jostled into him for a moment.

His eyebrows were dark, his eyes a mottled shade of green that made him look intelligent and engaging ... “It’s so crowded...” Her blue eyes fluttered behind her glasses.He wore a tasteful dress uniform from a space fantasy military, one she vaguely recognized from one of those Fantasy Wars titles. In the pit of her stomach she was uneasy at the thought of showing Megan the omamori, almost as if it wasn’t meant for her. This amulet sitting in her palm was her ticket to ... Pink powder drifted throughout her thoughts, obscuring what that something might be. Totally badass, Stephanie thought, selectively ignoring the fussy young mother ushering a pair of superhero-costumed toddlers around the guy’s pose. It was mildly warm in the convention center, but she felt a wave of goosebumps travel down her body. Bright pink traces of light deep inside of her were becoming sparks and a warm feeling spread through her. Her creamy thighs enveloped his head and his face was snugly buried into her panties. “Niiiice,” a passing girl in a schoolgirl uniform said, her digital camera playing its shutter sound effect repeatedly. “Remember, summertime of your youth.” “In Japan I’d already be considered an old lady,” Stephanie said numbly. using you.” Of course it wouldn’t be that simple, Stephanie chided herself, uneasily swallowing down her own naiveté on the complex nuances of courtship. Her whole body wriggled against his and she shivered. Then she realized they were all looking in her direction. Pulling away reluctantly, Brian did a double-take, stare zeroing in on her newly colored locks. The young man’s brown hair was styled in artful disarray, and overall ... He had his own pre-registration badge dangling from his necklace. Megan wasn’t shy, she’d return the charm to the boy without a second thought, while Stephanie stood helpless on the sidelines. Already in a daze again, her attention wandered down to his... “Happens in like, every single anime ever.” “Classic,” her friend agreed, “Anime cliché number one, haha.” “I’m so sorry,” Stephanie stammered, “I’m so sorry, I just--” Completely red-faced in embarrassment, she shakily pushed off her knees and stood, trying to pretend everyone wasn’t staring at her. Working his jaw tenderly, he looked at her with a bemused smile. ” His eyes flicked down for a split-second to glance at her panties. “Uh, duh,” one of his peers retorted as traffic began to resume through the hallway. ” Megan yelled, pointing her rolled-up schedule into the air dramatically. You--you pushed me, I only meant to g--,” she sputtered in exasperation. Hence my starry eyes and impossibly slender legs,” Megan said sarcastically, flicking her hands out dramatically enough to shake her panda ears. “Better hurry then, go and eat him up,” Megan said lecherously as she walked away. Her keen mind bravely tumbled on through the blur of this unfamiliar terrain. not just a kinky gimmick to catch his attention for a moment, She decided. Her molten core, hidden beneath her increasingly damp panties, ached for attention. Cheeks burning, Stephanie stared down at her feet bashfully. A knock on the apartment door woke him from his reverie. This time he’d booked the hotel room with his money, he’d bought the pre-registration passes. Ninety-five pounds of Tequila disguised as you tried to make out with me. Out of your body.” He was playfully slapped again, and it actually stung quite a bit. I didn’t even realize I was single today until I got home from work.” “... “Truuust me, as cosplay go, gijinka costumes are about as tame as they get. Swearing under his breath, Brian stumbled up out of his seat and into the small living room, overturning a small stack of old textbooks in the process. His flat-screen was leaning against the wall, unplugged and trailing video cables across the floor. With the turbo-feminist thing, doesn’t accept that most of us are pissed at her for the way she’s treated you. We told her that was a fuckin’ waste of your sixty bucks and she needed to either man up- er excuse me, woman up and attend the con, sort shit out with you or ... He’d also ordered a surprise for Chloe, a gorgeous gothic lolita costume commissioned in her measurements. And possibly wet the couch.” “I did not wet the couch,” she said sharply, slapping his arm. Apparently her wiry little latino arms were stronger than they looked. Well, jig’s up now.” She began to dig through her purse again, finally pulling out a familiar-looking Japanese charm. ” She rubbed her fingertips together absent-mindedly. You’ll see, Steph.” Gijinka was a term associated with the trend of making outfits as a personification of something, such as Japanese battleships illustrated in the form of cute young girls, or the conflicts of nations presented in the allegory of handsome young men squabbling with one another. A surge of alarm spiked through the cloud of pink in Stephanie’s brain.

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