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Ironically, he's also indirectly responsible for the formation of the SWAT Kats in the first place; see Nice Job Breaking It, Hero/Only I Can Kill Him for more details.Mayor Manx may have the title, but Callie, his attractive young troubleshooter, is the one who really runs Megakat City.[Complete] Hard Drive's suit is apparently operating all-too-well when it zaps him and T-Bone physically into the Turbokat's computer systems, only to leave the SWAT Kat there.And, that's only the start of the SWAT Kats' troubles. Viper's flooding Mega Kat City by actually sinking it into the ground. In a twisted future based on the episode "A Bright and Shiny Future" the Past Master needs help.Callie copes with danger better than Manx or Feral, because she's braver than Manx and smarter than either of them.Introduced in the second season, Felina is a gung-ho Enforcer who happens to be Commander Feral's niece.Dark Kat is a criminal mastermind whose muscular body, hood, cape, and resonant voice give him an imposing physical presence.

Hackle hopes to correct this error by recapturing the robot gangsters so he can "program out all [their] criminal tendencies".

Either the SWAT Kats have to stop him or the Enforcers have to evacuate the city in time... And, he's willing to summon his greatest enemies to help him.

Even if he must call a counterpart from another world.

The SWAT Kats' "High Tech Edge", Razor is an inventor who creates the team's vehicles and weapons.

An effective fighter, Razor is also a "sure shot" who can nail the most elusive criminal with the Turbo Kat's missiles, which contain such gimmicks as circular saws, drill bits and capture nets. He's cowardly and slightly corrupt, he wears an unconvincing toupee, and he puts at least as much effort into his golf game as running the city, but he's basically a likable comic relief character.

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