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The Precision Edging Blade that can be found on the back of the razor, and can do anything from cleaning up your chin strap to carving your team's logo on the back of your noggin'. Tester Feedback After reviewing the product and getting feedback from our tester, we've come to the conclusion that the Gillette Fusion Pro Glide Styler is best suited for men who maintain some sort of facial hair.The reason: The Gillette Fusion Pro Glide Styler is a 3-in-1 facial hair styling tool that trims evenly, shaves closely and edges accurately, which is perfect for a guy who keeps a goattee, a chinstrap, sharp sideburns, or some other intricate design.The first safety razor was patented by King Gillette in 1901.It was created as an alternative to the straight razor, which required skill to wield, making a shave the purview of the local barber.Besides, at (battery included), it’s only a couple bucks more than the normal or Turbo Mach3, and can accept Turbo and regular cartridges as well.And the price for these cartridges is right: about for an eight pack, which is less than buying the same amount of Fusion Pro Glides.The Gillette Company was a player in the market for 101 years, until is was purchased by the Proctor & Gamble Company in 2005. Service Set, was introduced by the Gillette Safety Razor Company (as it was known then) during World War I. I have searched and have not been able to find one like it. ARMY Khaki sets were produced during ww1 specifically for the US army.

You've probably been relying on your razor for years, using it—for better or worse—to shave, trim and edge away hair on your face and neck.

Vibrating or not, the more-than-a-decade-old Mach3 is tried-and-true technology, and it garners the highest user ratings—even higher than the company’s newer, more bells-and-whistles-loaded Fusion line—on Gillette’s own website.

By going with the powered Sensitive handle, you can choose whether you find the vibration to be helpful or not.

Recognizing that guys tend to be fans of fewer products and accessories—not more—the product team at Gillette devised the first affordable three-in-one razor, trimmer and edger.

The Gillette Fusion Pro Glide Styler just , a sticker price that even the must budget-concious of men can't argue with. To find out, we put the product in the hands of one of our readers. The Gillette Fusion Pro Glide Styler comes with a Braun-engineered Power Trimmer that has three exchangeable combs to help you achieve the precise look that you want.

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