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Andrew Weil MD suggests bitters as a preventative writing that “just as sweets cause blood sugar, insulin, and hunger to spike and then dip — often leading, long term, to obesity and Type 2 diabetes — research indicates bitter foods can have the opposite effect, moderating both hunger and blood sugar.” (2) As a remedy for an acute situation, bitters can be taken after a meal when upset stomach, indigestion, bloating or heartburn is being experienced.Common bitter herbs used historically for this purpose and other ailments include (3): Digestive enzymes are supplements that provide an outside source of digestive enzymes for the body.If you wish to avoid even the small amounts of alcohol in bitters, fortunately there are some to try.Bitters are definitely a wonderful option for the digestive ills that most mothers-to-be experience during pregnancy.Just be sure to seek out a brand of bitters that uses alcohol that is both gluten free and GMO free such as cane alcohol.The serving size on bitters is very small, so the amount of alcohol ingested is tiny and possibly even less than over the counter cough medicines made with GMO corn derived alcohol.To my knowledge, there is at least one brand that is safe to use for pregnancy related morning sickness, nausea, and heartburn. During breastfeeding, most brands of bitters can be safely used, but it is best to consult with your practitioner first and always stay within recommended dosage guidelines.

The use of bitters as a medical elixir became known all over the world starting around 1820 as the result of the efforts of Dr. A physician and the ex-surgeon general of the Republic of Venezuela, Dr.

In order for optimal preventative results, bitters taken as a tonic should be ingested via mouth 10-15 minutes before eating.

Experiencing the bitter flavor on the tongue initiates the effect starting the salivary glands, which is why bitters should not be taken in pill or capsule form.

The stimulation of the tastebuds and increased saliva output is the signal to rest of the digestive process to produce and release the necessary enzymes and digestive juices for proper and thorough digestion of food.

Cabbage works in much the same way as a reflux preventative.

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