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% 9*6l § i ICO 77ie Students 9 Newspaper Vol, IX Birmingham-Southern College, Birmingham 4, Alabama, October 4, 1916 No.

1 Freshmen Honored Tonight 0 Sparks Coming Wednesday Convocation Of Both Divisions Overflows Hall Classes will be dismissed at Wednesday and for the only time this quarter, the entire student body will turn out in Munger Bowl where Governor Chauncey Sparks will be the principal speaker.

Check for yourself, oldtimer, and see how little we all know about them. Students accepted last year and still in school are automatically included. Typists Ernestine Chappie, Ruth Harris, Anne Lewis and Joyce Murdock.

Then check out for second floor, Munger, and pick up your free gold mine. Come to the Party Tonight The Hilltop News Published by the student* of Birmingham-Southern College, Birmingham 4, Alabama BETTY HAWKINS Editor JOHNNY JEFF Acting Staff Lester Adams, Elsa Allgood, Phyllis Anderson, Lewis Arm- strong, Bobby Bell, Mary Bene- field, Blanch Berry, Lillias Burns, Otto Carter, Patsy Col- lins, La Nelle Crowder, Gloria Goodall, Rosemary Hoene, Billy Johnson, Ingrid Lassen, Irvin Lande, Tommy Liles, Lillian Nabors, Ann Newell, Thelma Paxton, Frank Praytor, Billy Reynolds, Merlee Sears, Jimmy Shores, E. Sports Editor Joe Conniff Exchange Editor Martell Moore Art Editor .

C Weaver, associate pro- fessor of religion and philosophy; Hugh Thomas, music instructor; M. Mc Millan, assistant professor of history and political science; Miss Dorothy Cox, French instruc- tor; Mrs. Two council jobs are open for lower division women and one for lower division men. The ensemble will then join in with Hugh as he sings "The Time, the Place and the Girl" from Mile.

Crumpton, Robert Lee Dorrough, Robert Hargrove Glass, Helen Brents Joiner, Arthur Myles Lyons, J. Modiste." Dorothy Burford will then take over the ensemble to sing "The Italian Street Song." Dorothy was understudy for Mimi Benzell in the opera 'Naughty Marietta." A quartet of girls, Dot Burford, Ruth Jennings, Shirley Cason and Eugenia Puckett, will sing Mr.

For Eagers Only Aspirant members of the HILL- TOP NEWS staff whether you came by and signed up or not are hereby notified that there will be a training school for your benefit Saturday morning, October 5 in the Faculty Trustee Room on the second floor of Munger beginning at . Evans has returned to the Hill as professor of speech after a year's sabbatical leave.

Seeing as how students are re- sponsible for knowing the info contained therein the News is printing below a list of topics cov- ered. Here's Who Nineteen outstanding Upper Di- vision students have been selected to appear in the new "Who's Who Among Students in American Col- leges and Universities." They are Robert T. Anne Ellis, Jack Fealy, Albert Le- roy Hatley, Betty Hawkins, John I. Betty Ogletree, Polly Price, Anne Smith, Catherine Stone, Gor- don Argo, Barbara Brent, Irene Hunvald, Betty Kessler, Bubs Owen, and Natalie Smith.

The class will last as long as there is someone around to ask questions. Those in the Upper Division include: Frank Walter Anderson, Juanita Bedingfield, Thomas Alfred Par- ker, Sara Ann White; in the Lower Division: Mary Farr Stone, Farley Whitherspoon Warner, Hughey Monroe Weir.

Come on time or as soon as possible and leave when you have to but if you are serious- ly interested in a place on this year's paper get there for a while at least. Making averages of at least 3.4 on work were the following stu- dents: Upper Division, Allyne Moon Bolen, Frederick Thompson Dow, Jr., Charles Theodore Em- mett, Jr., Irene Stewart Hendricks, John Irvin Lumpkin, Alfonso Rene Ramires, Drusie Reynolds Stewart.

Clarence Nunnally, Jr., Thelma Paxton, David Walton Pickens, Ralph Jackson Thomas, Robert Lee Van Asselt, James Robert Weason, Julia Gay Yours For Grabbing From the Milk Bar to Public Laws 16 and 3-1947 Hand- book for Students has the straight scoop on "important procedures and practices which are vital to the smooth running of academic life at Birmingham-Southern College." Edited by Mrs. Thomas' arrangement of "Among My Souvenirs" accompanied by Amos Hudson.

Anne Powell, secretary to the Dean, before she left the Hill for Vanderbilt, this pocket sized gold mine of information is yours for the asking provided you ask for it in the Dean's office. Eula Wager says there are enough books for all comers from freshmen to seniors. What musical confab would be complete without the famous quar- tet "The Cat Mountain Four," composed of Clarence and Clyde Cook, Wiley Fortson and Amos Hudson?

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